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Is Jurassic Quest Worth It??

Is it really worth taking the entire family?

This is one of the first questions I ask myself before buying tickets to any family event. There are so many different things to consider when planning a family event, from prepping strollers, to packing lunches, but that’s a story for another post. I’m talking about Jurassic Quest, one of the biggest dinosaur animatronic fairs in the world.

From January to March

Jurassic Quest
Tours around the United States.

Ok let’s get right to it. Let’s begin with the price, which is one of the first things people think about when planning a family outing.

Jurassic Quest Prices

One of the things that you will notice while looking at the Jurassic Quest website is that it shows parking price is $10 and you can’t buy parking with the admission tickets.
With prices for adults (13 years and older) at $22 per person and VIP kid bands that include most activities at a cost of $36 each.

Real Cost

Upon arrival I was surprised to find out that parking was now $15 instead of the $10 shown on their website.
I purchased 2 adult tickets from the Jurassic Quest website and after the processing fees the tickets went from $44 to $54 then I found a deal on Groupon (searched ‘Jurassic Quest’) for $40.80 for 2 adult tickets, and another deal for $61.20 for 2 VIP Kid Passes.
For a grand total of $171 for 4 adults and 2 kids, along with parking.
If I would have bought all the tickets straight from Jurassic Quest’s website I would have paid $193.

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What we did at Jurassic Quest

I was actually surprised at how many activities there were to do and with the VIP band my kids got to do everything that they wanted as many times as they liked.

Fossil Dig

My two young Paleontologists had so much fun excavating fossils. Unearthing million year old secrets just like real paleontologists!

Dinosaur Rides

My kids really liked riding the huge T-Rex dinosaurs. There are about 3 different dinosaur rides where the kids get to ride on the dinosaurs' backs.

Bounce Houses

Once at the bounce house section, I could barely pull my kids away.
The lines to each bouncer varies from 5 minutes all the way to about 20 minutes.
There are designated bouncers for kids under 2 years old, but all kids must have socks.

Dinosaur Crafts

We sat down and enjoyed the free crafts with the kids.
My kids had the option to create their own paper dinosaur or to choose from a variety of coloring pages.

Science Station

My kids made their very own plaster fossil mementos to take home.
But I must admit, I was disappointed that they only had 1 science station

Baby Dinosaurs

Both kids enjoyed the Baby Dinosaur show, which consists of 3 ventriloquial baby dinosaur figures. The adults on the other hand, found the show a bit boring, and lacked a back story.

So Was Jurassic Quest Worth $156?

It Totally Was

After spending the day at Jurassic Quest with my kids and their grandparents, I must say it was absolutely worth the experience that my kids were fortunate to have.
Yes, the event does have it’s flaws like anything else, it’s not perfect.
But I will totally be back next year!

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